Showers – You’re doing it wrong.

Showers of any kind are awkward and boring. Well, except for the kind where you clean yourself. If *those* are awkward and boring for you, then you’re doing it wrong. Just sayin’.

No, this post has to do with baby showers and wedding showers. Don’t run boys! This post will give you some serious insight into girl-world. (I’m probably lying)

I guess back in the day there may have been more of a point to these *stick-a-lavender-scented-candle-in-my-eye-to-get-out-of-sitting-through-another-four-hours-of-present-opening* events. But let’s face it, people get married later and have two-income households. No one needs 187 gifts in one day.

I dread my own wedding shower
. Not because I don’t want party with friends and family, but because I know how much I dread these things. When did I become the inflicter of this pain -
on my loved ones no less?

But what about those who are always the guest, and never the inflicter of pain? Don’t THEY have a right to impose this pain on their loved ones?

SO NOW IT'S YOUR TURN. Go register for all that crap you have always wanted and throw yourself an un-shower. A shower for just being you. A shower for being a strong, single, wonderful woman.

Why not? I promise to attend and celebrate where YOU are in YOUR life.

And hell, I’ll even bring a gift
. I’ve been wondering what to do with this creepy porcelain basket that could serve no other purpose than to hold stale, *chewy* hard candy. ;)

PS: This is dedicated to my bestie bird for being an inspiration to me in more ways than I could ever list.


  1. aww and here i thought you were gonna go over the finer points of "the three day cycle" we discussed before ;^)

    Nice blogging regardless.

  2. PS- Commenting on a blog is a lot more complicated than i would have imagined. They make you just through so many cyber-hoops that i almost broke sweat.


  3. How about you just register for stuff for your poor single friends? I need a Kitchenaid mixer. Please and thank you.