The good, the bad, the Jaime.

I actually stole this title from a friend who once blogged about me. How cool is that? I thought I was a rock star for 5 whole hours. But slowly it dawned on me, people *still* don't want my autograph. What the eff?

Anyways, this first post is to give you enough background on myself to hopefully make you WANT to read about me, without revealing too much to make make you WANT to turn me into the police or anything - yet. OK, here goes nothing:

I'm planning a wedding into a nutty Italian family. I have a million stories that will make you laugh, cry, and never accept an invitation to an Italians house on Christmas eve. All of which I do promise to share at some point.

I'm also an Email and CRM Marketing Manager for a fortune 500 company within the travel industry and have lots of great knowledge on the topics that they actually pay for me to know. I'm challenged daily to stay at the head of my industry in both maintaining a strong foundation and testing fun, new enhancements. I'll be happy to drop some tips now and again. Or just give a shout out if you have a specific question.

Lastly my "fun" side (and by fun I totally mean random and crazy). I started a wine club called the HBIC Wine Club. That's Head Bitch in Charge for those not in the know. It's pretty much awesome because I get the title of *THE* HBIC and have an excuse to drink to access with all of my favorite people. To counter-act all my boozing ways, I also captain a flag football team and love to try randomly violent workouts like Cardio MMA and SLAM!

Finally, here is a little insight into my personality. For better or worse...

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