Random Weekend Recap

If you know me at all you know that I am a random human being. Allow me to further solidify this concept with a crap I did this weekend segment:

Went and saw an amazing band [Junk Punch] at a local dive bar where I was quoted saying “Tonic is for pussies”.  
 <- Me being bad ass

Continued the night with a dance party in my living room from 2-4:30 a.m. with some really cool people.

Tried to give my dog away after he ate a pair of 6” burlesques heels I had out for the dance party.  Surprisingly, there were no takers.

Life Lesson: Don't drink and try on shoes.

Got bored and decided making and canning jam would be a perfect time killer. So far made 24 jars of jam.  I actually ran out of jars, and already bought the fruit for another 24 jars.  I’m taking bets on whether 8lbs of fruit is destined for a slow, rotting death in my fridge or if I’ll actually remember to go buy more jars.

I also decided on a name for my Jam business if I ever started one: 

Watched the LOST season finale.  Doesn’t sound odd, right? Well it is when the only episode you’ve ever seen is the first one.  Still, feel like I guessed correctly on the ending back then.  So this leads to the last thing I did this weekend:

Confirmed I’m mother-effin- psychic!

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  1. I cannot believe you made jam! That's WAY out of my comfort zone. I feel bad too, because we have like a hundred blackberry bushes on our property here in Seattle and every fall I see all of my neighbors picking and making jam for the winter. Maybe you should come out and show me how it's done!