Part genius, part bad ass, and just a dash of ego.

I’m special today. Why? I came up with an email idea that proved very successful - successful enough to be included in a blog from an industry expert.  Um hello…that makes me part genius.  You may be wondering what the other part of me is…bad ass.  Genius and bad ass it’s a killer combo.  I might also have a smidge of overzealous ego, but that’s a story for another posting. 

Today is about my big idea.  It proves that a “big” idea doesn’t have to be big at all. Knowing how attached we are all to our smart phones, I got to thinking about mobile strategy.  Do people really want deals to their phone? The answer I came up with was maybe. And that was enough reason to build a test.

I had my email vendor take a campaign we were already pulling together and design a smart phone optimized version of it.  We sent this version to anyone who had opened one of our emails on a phone in the last year.   The results were pretty astounding.  A 20% lift in open rates.  It was the SAME email,  just better rendering for this type of user.

Although I was not mentioned, nor was I given a tiara or [even an] award for my ideas, I am still pretty proud to see them in writing.  So…here ya go!

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Happy reading!

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  1. well look at YOU! congratulations. also, shouldn't you have also labeled this post "geenious" or something relevant to your smartness? just wondering. anyways, looks like this calls for a tequila flight!

    now boarding, all sense of dignity and self-worth...