Discrimination on a young adult.

Last week I ran into Barnes and Noble to buy a few books I needed.  It was definitely not my proudest moment when I got up to the register and a *sweet* old man smiled and asked “what lucky kid are these for?”

As I glanced down at the 3 Harry Potters and just released Twilight novella I had in my hands, I couldn't help but want to stab this man.  

Why did I want to stab this man I just met? Because his job is to know books.  

And anyone who knows anything about books knows these are classified under the “young adult” genre.  The thought that this MAN could so easily apply a stereotype of the books reader age group is an injustice to shoppers of B&N. 

A stabbing would allow ME – the common consumer – to take a stand on discrimination. It would be my little way of making the world a better place.   

It would also make me feel better for being called out on my cheesy purchases in front of a long ass line. :)

UPDATE: I actually went on B&N’s website.  Twilight is listed as teen reading and Harry Potter under the Childrens section.  I can only assume this is a conspiracy against me for taking a stand against the man.


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  2. Go a step further and get the books on tape. That way you can jump around with a little wand and make out with your pillow along with the story lines.

    Wont be able to see the pretty pictures though ;)